Tuesday, October 22, 2013


What's true but not talked about, reported on, highlighted, debated, or respected nearly enough...

Republicans should shut down the government to force more protections of unborn babies.

` I say this as a pro choice Democrat. But after they risked economic collapse, public disapproval, electoral disaster for something that was never going to be (defunding Obamacare), but to demonstrate their resolve to their issues.  It must be noted, protecting life must not be one of their "real" issues.

Republicans should shut down the government to protect traditional marriage.

` I say this as a Democrat against gay marriage.  Otherwise see above reasoning.

Barack Obama is a great President.

` I generally agree with his policies, except supporting gay rights.  He has advanced the cause of what he believes in, in so many ways.  To defeat Hillary Clinton, and to get re-elected to a second term, already made him great.  But getting Stimulus, healthcare, gay rights agenda (I disagree vigorously), ending the Iraq war, ending the Afghanistan war, handling foreign crisis' like Egypt and Syria, killing Bin Laden, and dealing with a divided country; as well as crazy Republicans.  All while being a role model for all Americans especially African Americans.

Reasonable debate is not possible in a democracy
`It's only possible if both sides are convinced that a reasonable debae would benefit them.  In which case, one side is clearly wrong.  Eventually,  those on the losing side of an issue will resort to emotional, misleading, but effective political arguments that aren't intellectual honest to win or mitigate their loss.  And it always works.  That's why it's important to have elites who actually can respond to reason, and accept political defeat responsibly.

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