Thursday, September 5, 2013

Political correctness: inter-racial dating

It is normal to that that white women should marry white men.
That black women women should marry black men.
Asian women should marry.. you get the point.
That a man should choose a woman shorter and younger than him, even if only by days.
That a woman should choose a man who physically dominates her.

These are all factors that the radical left has spent decades trying to undermine their significance.
I love all people as children of God.  I believe that we are all better when each of us reach our potential.  In genera, in the abstract, we are all equal.  I'm proud of the march towards justice that our great nation has been on for the past half century.

And I want my sons to marry black women.  Absolutely reject the homosexual lifestyle.  And am also against inter-racial dating.  Aren't people, people?  Isn't love, love?
Short answer No.

Everything that exists do so in context, with history and culture.  How could it be that a man could be raised by a black mother, and want to marry a white woman that it means nothing significant in and of itself?  How could a daughter who was reared by a great dad wind up with a man who looks nothing like him.

It would have to be self-loathing. In the words of Mr. Fung.  "Something wrong".

We all need to love ourselves.  Love our possibilities.  Part of being healthy is loving another of the opposite gender who helps to complete us.  All of us have a racial identity that must be respected.

I can see the noble argument of those who claim to see "beyond" race.  But I think the better argument to accept each person as they are, and that includes their race.

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