Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What My Democratic Party would believe

Pro-choice - a woman is a full human being and controls her body at all times
Pro-traditional marriage - support public policy that encourages and promotes the marriage of one man and one woman for life.
Immigration reform that stops all illegal immigration, that legally allows all the workers we need, and legalizes everyone already here.
Support living wage that would have COLA automatic.
Opposes Death Penalty because the system is unfair, biased, and can't be fixed
Equal rights and responsibility for Women - can't have it both ways, if women are equal they can't have lower standards for certain jobs, and support old fashion chivalry that benefits them
Humble but strong foreign policy - Use military to protect U.S., otherwise work with the world in all other affairs. We're not the world's police force.
Support Affirmative Action until every child born has an equal chance to be President or a billionaire
Promote good moral values in the media using government funds and leverage to force better messages to be presented in the culture
Ban vulgar, radical, perverse speech that all reasonable people agree doesn't have a place in civil society
Voting reform - Voting for all levels of government should be as easy as using our bank atm cards

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