Monday, July 22, 2013

Tavis Smiley selling his soul

I have always liked Tavis Smiley; Until he began exploiting his criticism of then Senator Obama and now the President for publicity and ultimately notoriety.  I accept that Smiley believes what he says.  I even grant his general points that Obama has not been held accountable for his policies that don't help the poor like they should. Were Obama not black, the black community and the Democratic Party would be much more vocal in addressing the racial disparities and the plight of the underclass.  But he is being cynical in his comments, as he knows that the President has to walk a fine line in addressing racism and/or poverty issues.  Our country has taken a giant progressive step in electing a man of color.  Our history shows this is not irreversible.  For example, after the Civil War, African Americans briefly enjoyed voting rights and political power in many southern states.  It wasn't calibrated correctly, and manicured to last.  And it didn't.  Over a century later, the issue of race is being made less relevant and our country is beginning the end of racialism.   The President is a big part of this, in and over himself.  Soon, the second or third black President will be able to talk more freely about traditional "black" issues and not be labeled and boxed in as a "black president". Smiley is using the current reality to increase his profile and visibility.  It's clear that some black people would have done this.  It's a tempting option to be "the black guy against Obama". Smiley has a niche because he's doing it from the left.  While Ben Carson and others attack him from the right.  It would take some character for Smiley to leave this show to others.  He's too serious a person to say these things.  He has enough creditability that many in the black community will forgive him.  Mostly because most of the things he says are correct.   Smiley needs to realize and let his supporters know that there's always politics in life.  In every community, in every situation, there's politics.  That means that nothing exists in a vacuum in and of itself.  Everything has a context and relationship dynamics that are just as important as the main issue.  At this point, Smiley should close up shop and stop selling...out.

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