Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ESPN = bigotry

...against people who support traditional values.

When did sports become a liberal plot?  Where are the conservatives who have millions and billions to combat the radical leftwing takeover of ESPN?  I just watched a show about an NBA who has two moms!  He is being celebrated for his courage to support gay rights! 


In today's world, it would take courage to be a person who supported traditional values against abortion, against the divorce culture, for traditional marriage, against political correctness, and so on.

While I support affirmative action, it would take courage for an athlete to be against the Rooney rule in football.  While I support gun control it would take courage for an athlete to be for concealed carry for everybody.  While I believe in God and am not a member of a particular church, it takes courage for people like Tim Tebow to proudly profess their faith.  Even as they constantly project tolerance.  \

Where's the tolerance from the ESPN producers for the many people who hold normal, pro family, traditional viewpoint?  When one of their reporters shared his personal belief against homosexuality, the network apologized.  When scores of their employees share their personal belief in favor of homosexuality they are celebrated, promoted, welcomed in the club.

I don't understand how all the rich Republicans and Independents don't use their money to combat this MSM assault on our values.  I'm tempted to get into conspiracy theories.  I don't understand how the churches are losing these battles so badly.  On that note, I think some of them are resigned that evil will take over THIS world, so they feel it's inevitable.

I'm always optimistic.  I believe we can reverse this degradation.  We can work to love all people, while loving what is right at the same time.  There must be standards and morality.  We all don't get to do what we want, and still have a society.  Some things are right, and some are wrong.  Everything is not subject to radical political movement.

When we lose morality on our sports channels that should be enough of a wake-up call.

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