Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reasons to support Obama

I don't support gay rights
I do support school choice
I am  generally on the side of the cultural right in the culture wars


I support President Obama for re-election in 2012 100%!

here's why.

5.  Like Obama, I'm a true liberal and try to work my way through each issue.While he is also a leftist, his core is that of an honest thinker who usually comes to conclusions I agree with.

4.  I agree with Democrats about 60% of the time, and am viscerally a Democrat.  They're "my" team.

3.  President Obama has done a great job over these 4 years.  From saving the banks, auto rescue, bin laden, cutting taxes, stimulus, healthcare, and representing America well.

2.   Mitt Romney and the Republicans would do bad things to and for the country. Yet, they won't help with the things I agree with them on like @gay rights, fighting culture wars, and for school vouchers.  They will move the Supreme Court in the wrong direction.  Install bad economic policy, and allow right wing people in general an avenue back into power.

1.  As an African American, this is possibly the last time (at least for awhile) I'll probably get to vote for an African American for President.  Certainly the last time for Obama.  If Romney wins it will vindicate four years of cynical politics.  If Obama wins, he will rightfully be considered one of the greats one day.

  I will be proud to cast my vote for the President.

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