Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama snubs Israel trying to trap Romney

I asked myself why would the President allow these kind of headlines in the last two months of the campaign:

Obama refuses meeting with Netanyahu

Especially when a vital cog of the Democratic coalition is the Jewish vote?  A potential swing group that is available to Romney?

Mitt Romney's friend Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to pressure the President into a neo-con position concerning Iran.  Obama showing his strength and determination not to start anoother war has refused toer meet with the Prime Minister and is baiting Romney to take a stance.

The President would love Romney to come out taking scheap shots for "dissing" a friend, and thtn he'll demand Romney take a stand on Iran.  Should Obama set a deadline?  Obama won't.  If Mitt says yes, Obama will accuse him of war mongering.  That is a losing issue for Republicans.  If he basically agrees with Obama then Democrats will accuse him of playing politics.

Trap set.

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