Friday, April 20, 2012

Why would republicans nominate moderate Mitt Romney?

1.  Contrary to the political spin and the back and forth point scoring; ultimately, the Republicans are moderately "conservative", and the Democrats are moderately "liberal".  Now, both sides fight over what exactly constitutes "moderate" as well as "conservative" or "liberal" ("progressive" for some);  But at the end of the day the elections are decided by people who basically go with what sounds right to them, and these people hate to be thought of as on any one side.

The trick in our political system is to win the defintions and language.  So it matters whether you are pro-choice  or anti-abortion; versus pro life or pro abortion.  It matters whether the topic is women's right or the sanctity of life.  It matters whether you are for affirmative action to make things fair or racial preferences to fix the past.

Most ideas start out on the extremes, and the good ones become "moderate" and accepted by the other side over time.  Take for example  Medicare and Social Security were far left in the 1930's, now the Republicans fight for ways to "save them".  (You can believe them or not, but they sure make a point of assuring voters).  Or take gun rights versus gun control.  It is now commonplace for Democrats to advocate for 2nd amendment rights and refuse to offer common sense gun control even after the most horrible tragedies.  The far right has won that debate so far, and it is mainstream to be extreme on guns.

So after the 2010 election, all the talk about hating government spending, the spread of gay rights across the nation (I'm against it as you should have noticed from my blog), and the big fight against health care; you'd expect a true right wing conservative to rise up from  the Republican primaries.

Not only didn't one rise up.  None of them ran.  All of the viable right wingers took a pass.  Why?

Because they didn't want to lose in 2012.  They know America went too far right in 2010, and is poised to correct towards Obama and the Democrats. 

The neutral position for 2013 will Obama as President, with a Republican House, and a Republican Senate with less than filibuster proof majority of say 53.

That would force the Republicans to accept Obama's first term, and implement healthcare, Financial reform, pullout of Afghanistan, and the rest; and force Obama not to advance much more.

The Republicans are moderates.  That's why they chose Mitt Romney.  To my dismay, gay marriage doesn't bother them.  Run away deficits don't bother them.  Just Obama bothers them.

I wonder what it will take for true conservatives to take a stand.  To leave the Republicans or start a third party.  They are getting rolled.  They win the House running against Obamacare (wrongly), and then the party nominates it's godfather.  We got the radical left on the march against traditional marriage, and the Republicans nominate the most moderate/liberal Republican ever.

In one sense I hope Romney wins because they're anger will be at him and not Obama.
And also, there's a chance, very small, that Republicans would stand up for traditional values.

But, I know they really won't. 

Plus, Obama a great President (except for Don't Ask Don't tell, and few other things)
and I'm a Democrat.

So I'm hoping for 4 more years of partisan attacks.

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