Monday, March 12, 2012

If this is a conservative nation...

how is it there have been over 40 million abortions over the last 40 years?
how is it after the Reagan and Gingrich revolutions the government is over 15 trillion in debt
how is it after 2010 watershed election, the deficit is over $1trillion?
how is it a majority support gay marriage (to my dismay)?
how is it pornography and gambling sites flourish online?

It's simple, this is not a conservative nation.  We are moderate to liberal nation that likes to think of itself as conservative.  I could have listed 40 more facts, but you get the point.  We have Republicans who trick voters into thinking they will do "conservative" things, many of which I agree with, but somehow they don't do it.

If the people were so conservative, they'd vote them out, and replace them with "real" conservatives.
But when the Republicans lose, they're replaced by more liberal people.

I wish this nation had higher moral values, but sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised we are as good as we are.
How could a "conservative" nation have a communist model for public schools?  Unless you consider conservative to mean keeping things the way they were a hundred years ago because it had to be that way.
If that's conservative, then what would be a free market primary and secondary education system closer to our higher education model?

How is it the most popular government programs are the most socialistic: Social Security and Medicare?  Sure Republicans and some Democrats support market based reforms, but they all (at least pretend) to keep the universal guarantee and social insurance function.

I support many conservative ideas.  My metric is simply what is right and what works best.
I support many left wing ideas such as fair trade rather than free trade (I know about the higher prices) or being against many of the military interventions and defense spending.

What troubles me is that there are people who keep repeating a lie that is clearly not true and no one really challenges it.  It is dangerous in a free society to have people so ignorant that they can be fooled with the truth right in their face.

Don't worry:
I am a proud American.  I, like most other normal people would never leave the USA because it is the greatest nation on earth.  Whether it's a vibrant free-market, great culture, outstanding opportunity, and so on and on.
I'm just saying.

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