Monday, February 13, 2012

Social issues? What social issues?

Recently, Rick Santorum has sought to broaden his appeal by refusing to accept he's the "social issues" candidate.

I, for one am thinking, why wouldn't you want to be the social issues candidate?

We have radical leftists redefining marriage in state after state.  When they're not changing the law, they're changing people's minds.  Today, Washington state fell.  New Jersey appears next.

Even if Christie vetoes gay marriage, what does it matter if the "social issues" candidate(s) won't make the case?
It seems to me, there'd be at least one candidate saying the definition of marriage is more important than the economy.  A stable home is the best foundation for a stable family.
This is sad, that the conservative party has left the field.  They are hoping for a voter backlash. 
But even if that happens, so what? Looking at the age demographic, with younger people supporting gay rights, it's inevitable...
unless we make the case.  The moral case for traditional marriage and traditional values. The logical case why radical liberal experiments are bad and dangerous.  The proud case of how we should prefer a marriage over any other arrangement.

The person who makes this case in an optimistic way, would win the Presidency.

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