Monday, February 6, 2012

Eli Manning is not a hall of famer

Eli Manning is a solid pro quarterback, who is a clutch performer.  Meaning he plays equal or better than his usual performance in the crucial parts of the games.  However, he is not a hall of fame quarterback.
Not yet.

He needs to become way more consistent.
He needs to lead his team to the playoffs as a favorite.
Twice now, the Giants have made and won the Superbowl when very few people gave them a chance at major points of the season.
In 2011, the Giants were 7-7 and needed some breaks to make the playoffs.  They were within one play or so of being eliminated.
IN 2007, the Giants were underdogs the whole playoffs.
To be a hall of fame qb, you have to excel under pressure when everyone knows about you.   You can't keep sneaking up on people.

I'm not saying Manning needs to win or even get to another Super Bowl to be HOF material.
But, he does need to take a few teams into the playoffs as a top seed, and personally be the reason for that.

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