Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birth Control mandate is political winner for Obama

While the msm is declaring that President Obama must change the HHS rule that mandates birth control as part of preventive healthcare services for all women because the lack of an exemption for religious businesses, a funny thing has happened so far:

Obama job approval is up! As of today it is 49% approve; 47 disapprove.

The controversy has been going on all week.  The media has been very negative.  Usually the daily tracking polls follow the coverage if the narrative is damaging.  But the President is enjoying the best numbers he's seen in awhile.

While technically it could be that the birth control mandate is simply not hurting the President; or hurting him enough to see a difference; In politics you either win or lose.  The President is winning.

I suspect it is because million of women support the idea of cheaper birth control.
I think they side with the women who work at religious hospital and schools rather than the Bishops.

The most Republican leaning poll in the poll averages is Rasmussen and they've had the President at 50% for the last 4 days, right in the middle of the firestorm.

Remember this is an outfit that has a poll claiming that the public is against the Obama position.

One more point worth pondering is that the people against Obama on this issue are ALWAYS against him, so he loses nothing  with them; while the Democrats who claim to be offended at the intolerance towards the Catholic church are going to vote for him anyway.

In other words, this is not a major issue. So far.

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