Friday, February 24, 2012

Assault on marriage comes to Maryland

I recognize that the assault on marriage includes from decades past:

no fault divorces
harmful hollywood portrayals
pre-nupital agreements
rampant adultery and infidelity
co-habitation without marriage
out of wedlock birth
changing the purpose from love and commitment to happiness

which has led us to Maryland passing gay marriage.
It's a shame.

If there's a referendum in Novemenber, I'll vote for all the Democrats
and for traditional marriage.  This is not a civil rights issue.
This is an issue of behavior and what we define as normal and good.
Homosexual behavior is deviant and strange. While it should not be illegal, just like
other deviant and strange behaviors (drug use, prostitution, some religions, etc.)
We should not celebrate it, and change our marriage laws to normalize it.

I agree with the blcak pasters in this article:

Not long ago, Thomas says, a young gay man came to him and said, “Look, I can’t help being how I am.” The minister embraced the man.
“We are all sinners,” Thomas says. “Christ never turned anyone away. People come to us all the time with issues, some with a stealing demon, some with urges and desires. But love doesn’t mean you go along to get along. I counsel them by showing them God’s word; some receive the word, and some reject it.”

We have had a decades long movement to force America to accept vice as virtue.  It would be the equivalent of saying that we all are violent by nature (which we are), so let's change our laws to reflect the true nature of how we were born.  Every person needs to be taught to be nice and to share.  Needs to be taught about boundaries of acceptable behavior.   This is one of many movements that seeks to promote anarchy and chaos.  It attacks our notion that we have the capacity for moral behavior.

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