Monday, January 30, 2012

People who bully aren't responsible for gay suicide

Does bullying lead to homosexual suicide?

I think not.  It is curious and wrong for many on the left to believe that "bullying" can control another person's  behavior yet they defend the vulgar "free speech" of hollywood and music.  I blame neither in large part.  I'm sure there's some contributory factor that when mixed with other circumstances can lead to a bad and tragic result, but as a liberal I believe in freedom. People are free to make choices, and should be held accountable.

Even a poisonous atmosphere can't "make" someone do something they don't want to or otherwise would do on their own.  While there are extreme cases where perhaps this breaks down and perhaps the environment overwhelms weaker and even normal people, that would be an exception that proves the rule.

We are responsible for our behavior.  Other people can help or hurt; they can be constructive and informative or destructive and cynical but we as a society must elevate the concept of personal responsibility.

We shouldn't bully people; We should create a positive environment that makes it easier for people to be their best selves.  I personally advocate for a better civil society where we define normal in positive ways.

  However the absence of this isn't a license to project accountability for individuals onto others or society in general.

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