Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mitt Romney taxes are too high!

I know this is politically incorrect, but I haven't heard anybody argue that Mitt Romney's taxes are too high at  $3 million in 2010.

Everyone has accepted the notion that the proper way to look at these taxes paid is to figure what percent of his income was paid to the federal government.

I think it is a fair question to simply look at the actual amount paid and leave it at that.
Many of the arguments about people who benefit most from our society have an increased obligation to share the burden could really be turned on it's head.

All throughout society, the "rich" pay more and do more in their lives to "give back":

When they eat a meal at a restaurant, even though the workers don't work any harder, the rich give bigger tips. Usually this is because their order is more expensive and the custom is to tip based on percentage. If someone orders the best steak, the best wine, and so on... There bill might be in the hundreds, and their tip will be high.  Also, once it's known that they are rich, they "must" give a higher tip than normal because if they don't people resent them and can make their lives more difficult in various ways.  Finally many people just want to be noticed and giving a big tip is one way.

The rich hire people to do things that most people do for themselves.  This creates income for people that they otherwise wouldn't have.  Also, typically just as the above example a person expects and often does get more from the rich while doing the same exact work.  Think landscaping.  If you cut a rich person's grass, trim trees, clean up, etc.  You expect more one way or another (Christmas bonus?, tip?, higher rate) rather than if you did the same exact work for an office complex.

The rich don't use many of the services that they pay for. Mass transportation, public schools, social saftey net, even the police.  Oftentimes they have their own security or live in such good areas where it is rarely a problem.

I could go on.  The point is Mitt Romney paid $3 million in taxes which is less than 15%, while many middle class people pay much less money but at higher rates.

Ultimately, I don't really think Romney's taxes are too high, but I'm shocked that very few if anyone is taking the other side.

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