Monday, January 23, 2012

Media shouldn't report threats against Obama and First Family

Some things are so bad that they shouldn't be dignified with reporting or attention in any manner. Threats against the President and the First Family that the Secret Service and/or media deems serious should be investigated and taken care of properly.  There shouldn't be any stories on this in the press.
I won't link to them myself.

We should live out what we really believe: that this is the greatest nation on earth.  That we do politics instead of war.  The media should cover politics.  Ignore crazy threats.  Ignore real threats.

Once the President leaves office (hopefully in 2017) then the government and media can and should detail what has happened.

Put simply, sometimes reporting on a topic is promoting that topic no matter how careful everyone is.
I don't believe this on very many topics, but this is an exception.

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