Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fact check: media narratives often wrong!

media: the tea party hurt Delaware Republicans' chance to win by helping a horrible candidate, Christine O'Donnell get the nomination against Chris Coons.  Furthermore that she was destroyed in the election.

Facts: from exit polls
O'donnell won the white vote (71%) 51- 45
she won Seniors (17%) 55 - 44
 she only lost men (48%) 45 -51
she only lost independents  (27%) 45-48

The fact is she lost because Delaware is a Democratic state with 22% black vote that went 93% for the Democrat.

It is correct to say that the Tea Party defeat of Mike Castle, a so-called moderate Republican changed the dynamics from  a tossup to a strongly leaning Democrat race.  But if you're a Republican why would you want to vote for a person who is moderate in a wave election?

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