Monday, December 5, 2011

We need to fix traditional marriage

Ginger White has been married and divorced 3 times.
This in addition to having an affair with Herman Cain.

Furthermore when asked, she said some of her family members knew.
This set of circumstances is the most dangerous threat to traditional marriage.
We need to value the union of one man and one woman both in civil society and in our laws.

People who divorce should have to pay the IRS back any tax breaks they received because of the marriage.
The burden should be on them to prove why they should be exempted.

We should empower the aggrieved spouses to sue for the damage to their marriage.

Family and friends, especially those who may have witnessed the wedding and "promised to help keep them strong" should make sure their comments and sentiments all direct towards a healthy maintenance of the union.

Lastly, we should abolish prenuptial agreeements, and have a federal law that stipulates that all personal assets become communal upon "I do".  It should be nationwide because of all the federal benefits that accrue from marriage.

These changes would rightfully so, reduce the incidence of marriage, and that would be for the better.  We need to venerate the foundation of our society, not spread it so thin and then discard it.

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