Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 5: Whatever happened... stories

The Rick Perry is gay story, if true would be an incredible disappointment.  First, if the details alleged are true, he is sick, perverted, and desperate beyond the typical.  Second, he would be an embarrassment just because of his sexual activity/, even were he not promiscuous.  Third, he would have made a sham of his family, and it's portrayal in the mainstream culture; which hurts him foremost,  and all of us in real ways.

But the msm hasn't been covering it, and there's a good chance it will disappear.  This got me to thinking about the top stories that just stopped being covered with no real conclusion:

5. Gary Condit and the Chandra Levy murder investigation  While someone was charged, and apparently Condit is innocent, we never found out why he acted so guilty.  What could be worse than being an accused murderer?

4. Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of raping her when he was in Arkansas in the 1970's.  He denied it through his lawyers, but has never given his version of the truth.  In my book, that makes him guilty, but the press never asks him.  It's tough to say, other than the rape allegations I like him...

3. Bill Cosby accused of having a love child. Autumn Jackson was found guilty of extortion, but did he cheat on his wife or what happened?

2. Michael Jackson was a pervert and a criminal.  Yet, somehow the truth wasn't exposed and the media let it go.  After looking at the facts, it hard to believe he didn't do anything wrong, and also that any normal person would leave their kids around him.  What happened?

1.  Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan- when the media wanted to be anti-war we got the story of every dead soldier, now that there's not the proper political angle we hear only the bare minimum.  Also, what about the civilian deaths in both places?

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