Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something good in America...

President Obama on CBS's  60 minutes!

I initially supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primaries.  Mostly because I thought Obama wasn't qualified and ready to be President.

For the umpteenth time I was wrong!
I supported Obama in the general election 100%, but I hadn't changed my mind.
He was a great campaigner, plus the media was in his camp for various reasons (race not being insignificant).

The President is smart, capable, competent, and should be on the short list for Greatest President:

stopped the economy from free fall through American Recovery Act (stimulus)
saved our banking system from collapse
saved the auto industry
passed historic health care reform
passed historic Wall Street reform
found and eliminated Osama Bin Laden
attacked and killed numerous terrorist leaders
successfully ended War in Iraq victoriously
improved our world image as a nation

The President should be re-elected in 2012!

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