Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How is it possible that...

5.  The greatest nation on earth routinely fails to find top quality candidates for President? (Rick Perry, John Kerry, George W. Bush, Al Gore, Ross Perot,etc.)

4.  no one asks Bill Clinton about Juanita Broadrick's rape allegation?

3.  Steve Jobs was once fired from Apple, and no one talks about it in detail?

2.  no one really cares about the NBA lockout and labor dispute?

1.  Republicans are having a televised Debate tonight solely about jobs and the economy, when every debate has focused on that for the vast majority of the time.  Republicans should debate the moral direction of the nation and how we can really reduce abortions, clean up our enterntainment, build up traditional marriage (fight back against the radical leftists), and  grow the economy all along.

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