Friday, September 9, 2011

why many are afraid to speak out against gay marriage: good ole fashion ...divorce

Here's a small example  of why the media is so quick to accept the arguments for redefining marriage to include homosexuality:

Savannah Guthrie (NBC and msnbc) married Mark Orchard  (bbc)  after he divorced Anne Korneblut  (washington post) who then married Jon Cohen (washington post).

Then the radical gay rights lobby comes along and says to their friends (implicitly of course)  in the media, why shouldn't we have the chance to be happy once, when you're on your second time around.

The biggest problem is the notion that getting married is about personal happiness.  That there is constantly a decision to be made: Do I stay? Am I being fulfilled? What's best for me?

People who think this way:

Shouldn't get married.  We as a country shouldn't subsidize their union with any public benefits if they do.

We should restore marriage to being a permanent bond that only shatters in the extreme, rather than a moment that can be pushed aside. 

Marriage is a one-time really big decision that you nurture, enjoy, deal with, benefit from, accept for the rest of your life.  It is similar to adopting a child.  You wouldn't think of un-adopting a child would you?  That is your marriage.

When you do something correctly, there are numerous ways it can be attacked.  Sometimes through friendly fire.  Who would think a "friend" making sure you are "happy" is really attacking your marriage?

Certainly, a person trying to have an adulterous affair would be.  Certainly, a conniving family member who doesn't trust your spouse would be.  But it turns out the failure to truly commit;  To end the concept of "I" in favor of "we" is what we've lost and need to re-establish.

To all of those who've divorced and given up on your marriage, don't try to share the guilt.  Don't allow others to emotionally blackmail you into supporting deviancy for the sake of your feelings.

Do the right thing and stand up for the ideal.  Going forward, demand that any marriage you recognize be a legitimate one that exists as a unit and not a combination of one man and one woman.

Make an effort to support their institution either by action or maybe more important inaction.  Stay out of the way.  Encourage people to work it out, rather than indulging their weaknesses at any given moment.

We need a healthy marriage institution in our society.  It is good. It is better than any substitute or hybrid.

Everyone just say it:

One man.
One woman.
For life.


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