Thursday, September 1, 2011

If Abortion is murder, prosecute the killer

Woman challenges Idaho abortion laws

She had an illegal abortion, yet is not being presently prosecuted.
If you are really pro-life, step up and honor the life of the baby.
That means you should fight for prosecution and punishment of the woman.

I'm pro-choice. Not just up until the fetus is viable to become a baby,
but for all 9 months. It's a tough subject. It's gruesome when thought about.
But it should be policy. Otherwise, women are subject to the state in a way
that men won't be. It's fine to speak in generalities, but I try to deal on a
practical level.

I personally would support life in almost every situation save a woman's life being in danger or serious health injury. But that's the point. That's my conclusion about another person's body.

The extreme left is right on this one.
Abortion rights equals human rights for women.

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