Thursday, June 2, 2011

My newliberal take on Gallup moral acceptability of behavior and policies

Gallup has an inventory of items and how they're received by the American People:

percent of Americans who agree with me (minority)
percent of Americans who agree with me (majority/plurality)

legalize gay marriage? (not included in the list below) 45%- of course not

Doctor-assisted suicide 48% - No. let people live as long as they can in comfort. Miracles happen.

to have an Abortion 51% - No we should find a way to promote life, though I am politically pro-choice. Especially being a man who won't ever be pregnant.

Having a baby outside of marriage 54% Yes. If I don't want people having abortions, this is often the only choice, since they're probably not getting wedded.

Buying clothes made of animal fur 56% Yes. Honestly didn't have to think about it.

Gay or lesbian relations 56% Yes. But it is disgusting and deviant. But as long as they are private and don't try to change society's mores, I believe in freedom. I would separate the two as the lesbians are less offensive but still deviant.

Medical testing on animals 55% Yes. Another no brainer.

Sex between unmarried man and woman 60% Yes. But once again it is better to have one man and one woman married for life.

Cloning Animals 32% Yes. The opponents make it sound more scary than it is

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