Thursday, June 2, 2011

2 stories show why we need moral leadership

On the right: Conservatives are looking past Newt Gingrinch's marital embarassments

On the left: Transexual starring in bikini ads

This balance can't work for our country. We need strong moral values to counter the nonsense on the left. But what we get is "understanding" of moral failings.

We all sin. We are all imperfect. We don't all have to be President. or Speaker of the House.
We can find people who aren't known to have degraded the institution of marriage to enter the political spectrum.

If Newt really loved this country, he'd disqualify himself from running for office, and support someone who has made and kept their marriage vows.

We should always forgive. We should always promote doing what's right. That often means otherwise good people having to miss out on opportunities because they made "mistakes". This keeps the ideal alive.
Otherwise it becomes a race to the bottom.
We're better than that as a country.
We race to the top.

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