Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where's the answer to Steve Nash?

It's a small but important thing.
Steve Nash promotes his leftwing idea that New York (and America)
should have "marriage equality".

A ridiculous concept that has been given credibility by the
gay rights lobby.

We need to preseve and strengthen traditional marriage.

One man. One woman. For life.

We need to find public policy ways to improve the institution.
It's been under attack for decades.

But for now we need a group of players to come "out" publicly
and stand-up for marriage.

Being silent is not a substitute.
The end result of quiet advocacy would be for the left wing radicals to
advance their cause step by step.

People keep hearing "pro gay" messages with not refuatation,
because it's become politically incorrect to tell the truth.

We need even flawed people (like all of us) like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James

in addition to those players with great reputations:

Kevin Durante
Tim Duncan
Chris Paul

speak out and for traditional marriage. Even if you have fallen short or not even tried yet.

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