Tuesday, March 29, 2011

pop culture brainwashing

So there's a new commercial for M&M's. A man is "taking hostages" inside a convience store. There's a store employee and 2 "M&M"'s. The criminal warns the police to "back off" or he'll start "eating the hostages": The tag line: "I think he's going to eat Gary". They could have had a female criminal. They could have had a female victim. But once again it's ok to use male-male enuendo, but not male-female. As good Democrats, the problem starts within our party. We have to fix it ourselves. The Republicans are just playing politics and won't do what it takes to restore traditional values. Ask yourself, where's the "Tea Party" against gay marriage? Against the feminization of pop culture? It starts with one American at a time standing up for traditional values.

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