Thursday, March 10, 2011

Death Penalty abolished in Illinois

Pat Quinn signed legislation eradicating the Death Penalty as an option in Illinois.

It was the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, there isn't the political will to create a death penalty that could actually work and be good for America.

That system would have to be unquestionably fair, expedient, and applied to all equally.

Right now, there are too many political concerns and areas where lax criminal justice participants can make errors. Sometimes they are intentional.

The appeals process only works insofar as it gives interested people time to find out the real truth...sometimes. However on it's own merits, the appeals process has failed to exonerate clearly innocent people.

Speaking of the long delays between conviction and execution; it is simply not effective as a deterrent to execute a prisoner several years after the crime. The world has moved on, the passions have subsided for most, and the killers get as good a chance of dying on death row than execution.

Finally, there are too many "non-capital" crimes. It should sadden our nation that "normal murders" are countenanced. People who aren't hardened criminals, who have done some good, and can be redeemed are the ones who can be deterred from killing in the first place. It is very unlikely a serial killer or gang member can be persuaded not to kill, but the man who is really angry about his wife cheating on him? If he knows he will be dead before the year's out, he might consider moving on.

With the leftwingers in our system, execution is often the only way to keep some people off the streets, and preventing future attacks. There is no such thing as life without parole. At any time, a governor can reduce a sentence or eliminate it. A judge might change the conditions of confinement. There might be a jail break or natural disaster.

So it would be great if people would honestly work together to create a fair system, that treats rich and poor alike; black and white alike, and so on.

But until then, I need to treat others the way I would want to be treated.
Abolish the death penalty.

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