Monday, February 28, 2011

5 reasons to be down on Obama...

1. He supports Gay marriage, and it's only a matter of time before he says so publicly.

2. He's not naturally a fighter.

3. He accepted the natural ebb and flow of politics, assuming a mid-term loss for Dems rather than devising a plan to change history. He could have done it.

4. He increased our troops in Afghanistan.

5. He doesn't support school vouchers.

Those are 5 reasons to be down On President Obama... but of course there are many more reasons to support him, and I do:

He's the first black President. That says a lot of good about America and Obama.
He fought for the Stimulus Bill that helped save the U.S. from a depression.
He bailed out the banks and auto companies, helping to save millions of jobs and our economy from cratering.
He fought for Obamacare which is the best and most sweeping healthcare reform in a generation.
He brought Hillary Clinton into the Cabinet.
He is fighting for education and other investments even as they cut the budget.
He is against privatizing Social Security (a terrible idea).
He is against making Medicare into a voucher system (a terrible idea because it will lead to cuts that hurt people).
He is for giving all Americans an equal opportunity through government programs like Pell Grants, Head Start, and others.
He is a good Democrat...

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