Monday, January 31, 2011

What if...

President Obama is the smartest person in politics?

My view:

Democratic partisans like myself keep wondering why he consistently offers plans that are already compromised with the other side before negotiations begin. He is the epitome of someone who negotiates against himself. In trying to appear reasonable he hurts his ultimate success and goals.


Mr. Obama knows more than me. After all he was elected President, and I initially supported Hillary Clinton.

the President is doing something not seen in years: doing what he actually thinks is right and doesn't care about the politics.

the plan is to appear to be the most reasonable at the beginning of the process because on a basic level the American people respect fairness and integrity.

he's doing what works. He has been the most successful President in his first two years since...
maybe ever. He suffers from the outsized high expectations that he himself set and created by the 2008 elections.

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