Saturday, December 18, 2010

where's Jim Demint when you need him?

I was for passing the Dream act. The Republicans used procedural maneuvers to block it.

I was for passing the ominbus spending bill. The Republicans used procedural......

I was for passing the Obama tax cut plan. The Republicans block it.

I was for a public option in healthcare. The... Republicans....


Don't ask Don't Tell is repealed?

You'd be amazed at the number of Senate Rules there are.

There are so many ways to de-rail almost any legislation.

Whether it's through delay. Through amendments. Through reading the bill. Things no one but a Senate wonk would know.

Yet. The Republicans allowed cloture (end of debate) and the Democrats are passing this legislation.

This is an outrage.

This is why it is tricky to teach young people about life, because even people who claim to be against something can sometimes be secretly for it. Or at least not so against it that they won't cut a deal.

Take healthcare for instance. Republicans have come up with a novel argument to "deny funding" to the implementation of a new law. Even though they are the minority in the Senate, and President Obama is... President.

If the Republicans had stuck to their earlier threat, which they have done in the past, which was that no bills would pass until the government was funded, then DADT would have been defeated.

In the new Congress, presumably it has no chance.

So that puts the issue off until at least 2013; depending who wins the election.

Barney Frank had "threatened" that Obama would pursue the policy through executive order.

But that's not credible. The President who has been cowered into bad tax cut deals, who continually seeks to please his opponents, is all of a sudden going to become a radical?

I hope he does, but not on this issue.

The President should become a radical and end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan now. Curtail many of our past commitments around the globe, and bring home hundreds of thousands of troops, and cut the military budget. It would go along well with the need to address the deficit.

But back to DADT. Where's Jim Demint. He is so annoying at all times. Why didn't he pull out all the stops like he usually does. Where's the Republican party? They will hold the country hostage for tax cuts for the rich, but not for good moral values in the military.

Repeal of DADT is a terrible policy. It is taking America in the wrong direction. Just as we shouldn't have women in combat. We shouldn't homosexuals in the military. The fact that we have had them supposedly all along, shows that the old way works. This is not similar to race. Black soldiers couldn't "hide" their race. Their presence didn't threaten the actual units.

What this is about is saying that it is "ok to be gay". It is normal.

But it is not "ok to gay". It is not normal.

The Democratic party is our best hope.
Fellow liberals, be as open-minded on this as on other issues.
Do what's right for America.
We are the party that tells the tough truth.
This time the tough truth is to fellow Democrats to cease and desist.
Unfortunately, the Republicans are playing political games and have left this battlefield.

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