Friday, December 24, 2010

Liberals against the repeal of DADT

Liberals should be against the repeal of Don't ask Don't Tell.
A liberal is someone dedicated to do what's right. Not what's politically correct or convenient.
That's why I'm a liberal. This notion is so foreign, I'm considered a newliberal.

No one on the left has a problem with it when I support:
abortion rights because of the notion of full equality for women
affirmiative action because everyone deserves a truly equal opportunity
troop withdrawal from Iraq and Afghan. because we are doing more harm than good
gun control for the protection of the American people
higher taxes on the wealthy because they enjoy the best of America

But when I use that same logic to oppose the homosexual movement, I'm not on the left?

It is they who are hypocrites for turning their minds off at such a critical moment.

Here is why Liberals should be in favor of a ban on gays in the military. Unfortunately, it is written on a right wing blog, but the logic is truly liberal.

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