Monday, December 6, 2010

Gallup polling bias towards Democrats? against Democrats?

The same polling organization that had a terrific bias against Democrats in the 2010 election, where they had generic polls showing Republicans with double digit leads, also shows the unemployment rate improving!

Gallup finds unemploying improving: falling down to 8.8%

Somehow it escaped the msm? Foxnews would use this as evidence that Obama's Labor dept. numbers are bogus if it could, but Gallup's numbers are more optimistic for the economy.

So who's better the public sector or the private sector in gathering data?
Let me guess that Republicans now trust the government, and Democrats trust Gallup who was one of the worst pollsters for 2010.

Gallup also finds underemployment which is a measure of those out of work, or part-time workers who seek full-time employment: falling to 52 week low of 17%.

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