Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Democrats against Afghanistan war

We should not be doves, against war in general. We need to vigorously defend this nation. That often includes taking pre-emptive action against those we're sure are planning to attack us. This part of the so-called "Bush doctrine" is sound policy.

However, in 2010 the Afghanistan war doesn't serve our American interests well. Our nation is not in danger from anyone in that country any longer. It was justified and the proper course to invade after 9/11 for obvious reasons. We have occupied. We have won. We should train those on our side how to hold what we conquered, then we should leave.

President Obama has kept his word to intensify our efforts there; now is the time to hold firm to the plan to begin the withdrawal in 2011 and complete it by 2014 without a doubt.

Within that time period, the military should accomplish all of the stated and necessary goals that advance US interests. The timeline is important to keep our focus, and to prevent a further spread of the military industrial complex.

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