Sunday, November 7, 2010


When Republicans won by being extreme and controlling the debate, are President Obama and the Democrats try to compromise on the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts with a group that takes that notion for weakness and responds by demanding more?

Why not just state the Democratic position, tell them to take it or filibuster it. Either we get the policy, or blame them. It's strong and Right or strong and wrong. But it's strong.

It seems the President's liberal nature demands that he appear to compromise. He needs more of the left wing (that I often detest) in him. They define crazy ideas as normal and then fight for them to the death.

But in this case, the President would be defining normal ideas like letting the Bush tax cut for the wealthy expire while extending them permanently for the middle class. It is a winner if only he wants to win.

Why wouldn't he?
Why did't we want to win this before the election?
Perhaps there's something that a person who's never been in politics couldn't understand.

I will say this:

...I was wrong that Obama could win the Democratic nomination.
...I was wrong that Obama could win the Presidency.
...I was wrong about how much of the Democratic agenda was possible. I'm going to be humble and see why we keep playing defense while we have the power.

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