Saturday, November 6, 2010

What would a President Hillary Clinton have done differently?

Dana Milbank spins a tale of how Hilllary Clinton would have done much better than President Obama.

It is nonsense.

1. Hillary's people admit that she would have quit the healthcare fight. That's a negative, not a positive.
2. Most of their argument is that Hillary would have followed the polls better. Done more popular things. Worked better with Republican types on Wall Street, and the white working class. Again. That's a negative.
3. Hillary would have had a "black" problem that she would not have gotten past. Once Obama was viewed as qualified. He had to be the Democratic nominee. If not, the same thing that happened in Florida would have happened nationwide. Rep. Meek got 20 percent of the vote. A good deal of that vote wouldn't have voted if he wasn't the Dem. nominee. So if Meek was forced out Democrats lose. If Meek stayed in, Rubio wins. Likewise, there was no way for Hillary to win the Presidency once Obama became "Obama".
4. Republicans hated Hillary before they loved her. They simply transferred their antipathy to Obama and doubled it. Assuming the same situation, it would have been easier to demonize Hillary because many people started out already there. Remember President Obama started out with universal appeal and broad support.

I supported Hillary Clinton in 2008. She would clearly have been a worse President.
Especially since right now Obama has a chance to be among the greats.

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