Friday, November 19, 2010

tax cut compromise includes healthcare

President Obama is ...President so any deal will reflect that decision by the 2008 electorate.

Middle class tax cuts for all Americans up to 250,000 of income.

Make it a clean vote, no add ons.


After that, Republicans can have a temporary extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the upper income brackets if they fund healthcare for the next two years.

They can have a permanent extension of the Bush Tax Cuts if they work together to "fix" healthcare so that it is no longer an issue. They can have tort reform, buy insurance across state lines (federal minimum), and any other common sense fixes.


We are willing to go to the 2012 election having fought for tax cuts for the middle class, and not letting those be held hostage for the rich. Any tax increases in the new year would be the Republicans responsibility.


President Obama wouldn't be President if he wasn't so politically adept in the Democratic Primaries. His team made up a new rule that pledged delegates were more "legitimate" than so-called superdelegates or unpledged delegates. The rules stated they were all equal. But since there was a potential that system didn't benefit them, they fought against it and won the public relations battle against the Clinton team. That is the spirit the President needs to bring to governing.

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