Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Radical Republicans

In school, when we learned history it was understood as settled. But now with the Republicans on the offensive, much of that is now up for current debate. Just in the last few years respectable figures in their party have advocated drastic changes to the constitution, eliminating and/or dramatically changing numerous safety net programs for the poor and elderly. The latest is an attack on our economic system and the role of the Federal Reserve:

Republicans try to roll back Fed's job creation mandate

These institutions are complicated, and not fully understood by the general public. Who really understands Quanitative Easing good enough to offer alternatives?

But led by Sarah Palin and a few demagogues, the Republicans are attacking the foundations of our society. While some of them probably think this is just politics, there is always the danger that too many whacks at the foundation will bring the system crashing down.

We need Democrats to defend the greatness of America.
Stand up to these bullies by pursuing the proper policies for this country without electoral fear.
We've already lost one house of Congress, if we stay on the defensive we will lose the other plus the White House.

Demand Republicans be responsible for all of the rhetoric, from not being willing to compromise to crazy subversive talk.

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