Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Proof: United States is center left country

Political pundits love to assert America is a "center right" nation. That we are politically conservative. They note that the term "liberal" is shunned by those on the left, and that in election exit poll data self-identifyed "conservatives" outnumber liberals nearly 2 - 1.

I don't doubt that people think of themselves as "conservative" or even "moderate" but the facts show the United States is a center-left country, and is more liberal than conservative. This is becoming more and more true each year regardless of who's in power. Also, it should be noted that I don't agree with this trend in many cases. So I will take my time, and piece by piece show the evidence that we are nominally conservative but in reality a liberal country.

Over 1.2 millions abortions every year - this is after the Reagan revolution of the 1980's, the Republican revolution from 1994, two terms of George W. Bush, and the recent taking of the House of Representatives by Republicans. (I'm pro-choice, but not pro-abortion. I actually wished people cared more to do what is necessary to protect innocent life. That would mean many things including strengthening traditional marriage, promoting family planning/birth control, changing our libertine media, etc. )

Look at all the liberal notions that are so accepted as common-place that we rarely if ever even debate them:

-suspected criminals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. We take this principle to heart so much that we regularly allow violent people to go free to protect their "rights". The most famous case is O.J. Simpson. A politically conservative nation would not have allowed him to walk away from a double homicide. (I would use common sense not to take this too far like we do on a regular basis. I wouldn't let Constitutional rights over-ride public safety and simple logic)

-the existence of Social Security and Medicare. While some on the extreme right denigrate these programs, even the most vocal critics (in power) claim to want to "save" them for the future. they are clearly liberal programs by any definition, yet all sides agree they must remain for the future. (I support in general)

-the expansion of gay rights in different forms throughout the U.S. Tens of millions of people live in states where gay marriage is legal. No politician with a future has spoken out against homosexuality in recent memory. etc. (Totally against this movement, as you may have noticed throughout my blog)

-the American people like many government programs and punish politicians who cut government spending on popular things like education, cleaning up the environment, helping the poor, responding to a "natural crisis", etc.

.... to be continued

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