Friday, November 12, 2010

Political terrorism?

The Republicans won the 2010 mid-term elections in historic terms because they took an extreme position and refused to negotiate.

From the beginning of the Obama administration, the GOP rightfully realized that if they put the country's needs before party, they would strengthen the President's credibility as a bipartisan leader. If the policies succeeded, why would the country change. If the policies failed, the Republicans participated in it, and would be complicit.

The correct political course was to throw bombs and stay out of the kill zone.
Refuse to work on Stimulus even though they could get big tax cuts.
Refuse to work on healthcare even though the bill was modeled after Republican principles.
Refuse to work on Wallstreet reform even though our economy needed it.

Then... call the President and Democrats every possible negative name, and encourage your supporters to be even more extreme.

This approach would infiltrate into the minds of republicans and independents throughout the country. So we had millions of Americans arguing against what's in their best interest.

Now Republicans are even more emboldened and holding middle class tax cuts hostage.
They are willling to block any legislation if it doesn't cut the taxes of millionares and billionares.

Democrats must know you can't negotiate with terrorists. Even political ones.
You have to hold your ground and attack them back.
It's difficult but necessary.
Otherwise you are constantly try to appease a group that can't be satisfied.
In the meantime you lose, big-time.

I'm sure the President has some clever plan to give a little ground to gain more later.
Sort of burn the town to save the city.
I'll probably agree with it ulitmately, but is is more fulfilling to call the Republicans out for
obstruction and manipulation, and fight back.

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