Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please, no

Please dont' tell me that allowing open homosexuals to serve in the military is going to be the issue where President Obama is going to get some backbone. We've not worried about public opinion, before, why start now?

It makes little sense to allow people who won't and haven't served in the military to make such sensitive decisions. Everyone including the military families have been cowed into silence and agreement by the radical gay rights lobby. Logical skepticism has been turned into some form of bigotry.

Just as we've seen all the problems integrating women into the military, this will be even worse.
The press simply refuses to cover the problems having women in the military have caused. They don't talk about all the sexual interaction, the pregnancies, and all the political situations that have to be dealt with.

The standard here should be common sense.
Here's one area wheree I want Republicans to defeat the Democrats.

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