Monday, November 29, 2010

Once again military escapes scrutiny

Obama announces two year pay freeze for civilian federal employees.

That is wrong.

We are spending too much on the military. Over 700 billion per year now.
The idea that we shouldn't cut that budget has percolated in the public square recently, and conservatives have cowered Democrats and Republicans into silence.

If we do need to freeze salaries and budgets, everything should be included.

I support passing 2008 budget, or 2000 budget. Then we can argue within those constraints about what to raise or decrease. Taxes should revert back to the Clinton era also. That would mean a tax increase for everyone. This is not draconian. The 1990's was a boom time that most Americans remember. If we go back to the last Clinton budget, the country would be on better footing. It would be shared sacrifice and no one would be exempt.

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