Thursday, November 11, 2010

Democrats should allow the deficit plan to pass then run against Republican cuts

Earlier, I noted why President Obama should work with Republicans to implement the deficit commission's plan that involves many unpopular cuts to governmtent spending.

Conversely, Democrats should force Republicans to get all the votes in the house, and almost all of them in the Senate. Then, Democrats should run against Repubicans slashing middle class entitlement programs and attacking things Americans love like the mortgage interest deductions.

Democrats attack debt plan

Doing this will allow Democrats in swing districts to attack both Republicans and stand apart from the President. They can talk about repeal of the plan and replacing it with tax increases on the rich, and attacks on "waste,fraud, and abuse". Whatever is popular. Now this is not a serious governing strategy, but a good political strategy. Republicans got into power by playing politics. Doing what was bad for America but good for them. Democrats could regain power by allowing Republicans to do what's right for America and then blaming them for the pain.

President Obama can point to all the progressive things he did in the first two years, plus the general notion that he is a good Liberal to overcome the criticism. He will have elevated the idea of "working together".

So we will wind up with Obama being re-elected because of his great acheivements for the left in the first 2 years, and his willingness to work together with Republicans in the next 2 years. While Democrats will regain the House because of the Republicans finally doing what they say they believe in cutting government. People don't like that.

This is chess, not checkers!

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