Saturday, October 9, 2010

Russ Feingold deserves re-election

If you take a look at the Wisconsin Senate race, Russ Feingold is having a tough time with Republican Ron Johnson for a number of reasons. This is a Republican wave year, and Feingold is taking a principled stand against outside groups investing in the race.

But if you look at their first debate, Feingold is the first national Democrat that I know of in a contested race to tout the benefits of Healthcare reform. He did it eloquently and in a "no-brainer way".

I honestly don't know why it is not a national message. Right now, Democrats have received all of the negatives and refuse to maximize the positive benefits because they're scared? of the backlash? of the topic in general? who knows?

Hopefully his stand against outside groups will help him in a so-called "good government" state.

His offensive for healthcare and Obama will gin up the base (like it did for me) while not ginning up the opposition (because they're already 100% against him).

I think he can win this.


His best moment was over 12 years ago when he voted to hear more evidence in the Clinton Impeachment trial. It showed guts. He could have done a bit more, but he was better than every other democrat.

As a party we need to demonstrate character under duress. Feingold is one of our best.

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