Thursday, October 14, 2010

Losing politicians who flip flop

What I don't understand is: if you are losing badly, why not say what you really believe and stick with it. Republican candidate for NY governor spoke some truth about the radical homosexual agenda, which I praised. Now he has taken it back.

I figured he was saying the truth in left-wing New York because he felt he wasn't going to win, but wanted to stand up for what's right. Now, he does a 180?

Reminds me of Dennis Kucinch in the 2008 Democratic Primary. He was a true liberal who was pro life. It was something would make him stand up from all of the others. He could have educated many in the party of how to be pro life from the left. Instead he changes positions? Why to win? He wasn't going to win.

Are these politicians delusional or overly optimistic or just crazy?

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