Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Juan Williams should have been fired

not for expressing his feelings about boarding an airplane. Any normal American should be wary of Muslims in garb, praying near a plane (though it should be noted that the terrorists have usually tried to blend in, and not be so distinct). But NPR has been vindicated by all the interviews and cozying up to the Right Wing since then. Juan has always been used by Foxnews to trick mainstream America into thinking they're legitimate.
If he would have handled the firing better and not as a ploy, I'd been on his side.
As an honest liberal who says things both sides disagree with, Foxnews wouldn't want me. That they wanted Williams is proof NPR should have fired him and anyone else who works there.

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Anonymous said...

Juan Williams spending too much time around and around NPR (music only)

Dark humor: a bird, a wind turbine, Pop the weasel music and News Hour sound alike music. (no gruesome sound effects version)