Wednesday, September 29, 2010

John McWhorter gets it wrong again

I respect so-called "black conservatives" and "independent thinkers" like John Mcwhorter or Shelby Steele or any other serious people who purport to use their own logic to disabuse themselves of racial or any other notions that don't seem right to them.

Yet, they are often wrong both in tone and on substance about the black community and especially the politics of our nation.

So it's any more dismaying to see McWhorter attacking the black community over "homophobia". What he really means is that blacks don't accept the notion of gays, gay rights, and homosexuals being normal as readily as whites and others.

This is not a phobia.

This is a considered judgement.

It is rational discrimination.

I and any other person can choose to make decisions.

A phobia is an irrational disposition based on fear and/or emotion.

But I move on.

McWhorter just like seemingly everyone else wants to move on from the latest homosexual scandal among the devout, and implores the Reverend Eddie Long to use his new-found shame to promote the homosexual agenda.

That's interesting because I hope Eddie Long uses his shameful situation to repent for his sins against his family, and get right with them and God.

Instead of turning away from condeming homosexuals, Long and others should actually put some substance and activism behind their rhethoric.

Right now, traditonal values are losing. It's because no cause, no matter how just can win on defense.

We need to promote traditional values as a policy on it's own merits, not in response to an attack.

Btw. it's sad to see church members still believing in a pastor when it's clear he's guilty and should be removed. If someone accuses another specificially, and the response is either too general or too specific, you can be sure they are guilty. The response that would satisfy me of the innocence is a blanket denial of any wrong-doing. Absent that, they can try the Kobe Bryant approach of admitting to what he supposedly did and an didn't do.

But incidentally, I didn't believe Bryant.

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