Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Paid for" tax cuts

David Gregory and the rest of the media should stop talking about whether tax cuts are "Paid for". I've heard numerous Democrats do the same thing. It is Washington Speak that obscures the issue they are trying to highlight.

Instead they should talk about whether:

There are "spending cuts" to offset the lost revenue the government doesn't receive because of the tax cuts. Otherwise we will run an even larger budget deficit.

Then all of the people who keep talking about how serious it is run such a large deficit will be forced to deal with reality or be exposed as hacks.

Journalists should start insisting:

"As a conservative, what popular government programs will you cut to balance the budget with the tax cuts you want to implement".

The easy course for Republicans is to talk about cutting waste, fraud, and abuse. About doing the things we do better. But Journalists should focus on the ideological issues of smaller government and demand an answer.

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