Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ESPN anchor in gay commercial

Who would have thought that ESPN, a sports network, was committed to advancing the gay agenda?

I would have.

And it is offensive.

The latest effort is a commercial with one of their anchors and a player from the New York Mets.
The player is presumably trying to show the anchor how it is that he has great foot-work. The player does this as though he is "dancing". Soon the anchor and the player are dancing like a man and woman would.

If you think I'm overly sensitive, show me the commercial with any/all of the female women dancing with the ball players. Once I see about 15 of them, then maybe it would be funny to see 1 or 2 "different" ones. In addition, with all the female athletes nowadays, why not use one of them?

It's a shame that a person needs to be politically aware watching sportscenter in the morning.

The President should use his bully pulpit to speak out against this.

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