Monday, August 23, 2010

Democrats look done

With this economy getting worse, or at least with the media reporting that the economy is getting worse;

and the dynamic that anything good is not news, but anything other than that is fair game,

Democrats are going to lose in November 2010 big-time.

Democrats will lose the House of Representatives by big margins. Markets always over-shoot.
That's how Obama won North Carolina and Indiana.

As of today,

Republicans will win at least 240 seats.

In the Senate,

Republicans will win at least 51 seats.

So Democrats should accept this, take their time, and figure out what is best for the country, and do it.

We're going t lose, but the key is to deserve to lose. Rather than losing over ethics scandals, or an economy that we can't control.

If we believe in a public option, put it in the health bill now.
Put a moratorium on foreclosures and force lenders to give reasonable deals.

I would suggest:
school choice for all children
campaign to support traditional marriage
defund the war in Afghanistan

But realistically, Democrats should decide what we are willing to be penalized for, and do it.
That is the essence of Democracy.

This is the best nation on Earth.

If we do what we really think is right, and we are correct, then we can stave off this November slaughter.

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